Why Johnny Comp


We exist for a vast array of reasons, but take a look below at the most common reasons people will use Johnny Comp.


Mortgage Professionals

  1. It is illegal to get a “Comp Check” from an appraiser.
  2. Appraisals are expensive (between 400-550 dollars), you and your borrower will benefit from more information.
  3. Other outlets have already been searched.
  4. Needing accurate up to date market information.

Home Owners and Buyers

  1. Buying or selling a home, get direct access to a Real Estate Agent and their information without any hassle.
  2. Vital for anyone refinancing or looking to refinance a home.
  3. Before paying for an expensive appraisal, today’s market information is crucial.
  4. Just curious what the market around your home is doing, look no further!

Challenging an Appraisal!
- If an appraisal has already been done, and you are not happy with information provided, see how our Agents information compares.

We are NOT a broker price opinion (BPO), but a simplified, less expensive source of information…

Our information is based solely on Active, Pending and most important homes SOLD in your area and our professional local real estate agents have the tools to give you the most accurate market data.

Straight to the point…
Straight to the information you really want…


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